The Warrior Code of Ethical Behaviour (Bushido) provides the background for today's Martial Arts by teaching such virtues as discipline, honour, respect and humility.


1. I will always show respect for DAI SOKE and the Instructors of I.O.S.K.D.K.J.A. and my loyalty will always be bound to the organisation.

2. I will always abide by the rules and regulations and will set a fine example for all junior ranks to follow.

3. I will always strive for technical perfection and will train I.O.S.K.D.K.J.A. in the true meaning of self defence.

4. I will show my dedication to the organisation by contributing my own ideas and services that would further enhance the organisation’s progress.

5. I will never disgrace I.O.S.K.D.K.J.A. and will pursue the highest level of integrity at all times.


Respect all martial arts as equally contributing to the development of the individual, refrain from intimating that any one martial art is inferior to another, and recognizing that each has value to the individual studying the art.


                                                                                              HOMBU IOSKDKJA.