Seishinryoku Ryu  is a martial art founded by Dai Soke Nasiakos K. Spiridon. Is a comprehensive martial art and philosophy, in which both physical and mental development are of equal importanc


Seishinryoku Ryu a modern style, ( GENDAI BUDO) gathers the strengt and elegance of the ancient japanese traditional styles,with the forcefulness and effectiveness necessary to perfectly adapt to the real requirements of modern combat and at the same time is accessible to all types of practitioners. 



The basic difference from traditional schools is in the original, extremely rigid methods of training which are used for the full realization of one's individual abilities.


The Seishinryoku Ryu as a composite system has been broken down into ryugi (sub-systems) format to teach the basics of the system. Our ryugi are taught as follows: 1) Okinawa Seishinryoku karate do - 2) Okinawa Seishinryoku kobudo

3) Seishinryoku Jutsu (ju-jutsu). 


The training goes in two directions: sports training in above-mentioned sports, and practical. The latter studies techniques, psychology and tactics of real fighting and also the use of modern weapons for tactical purposes. A special role is given to psychological training, which is oriented to the suppression of the opponent. 


it is difficult to translate exactly into english the meaning of seishinryoku ryu but by looking at the make up of the component worlds we can get an understaanding of its meaning.

SEISHIN ( Soul, Spirit, Mind, Heart ) - RYOKU ( power ) -  RYU ( style, school )


           Of therefore we can aive at the following translation:





Okinawa seishinryoku karate do contains chosen elements ( KATA ) from Chotoku Kyan, which have been Modified according to the seishinryoku philosophy and are taught in the old Okinawa way. 




Seishinryoku bogu Kumite   is a mixed Budo sport comprising full contact punches, kicks, throwings, and submission techniques on the ground. 

Seishinryoku bogu kumite has its origins in Kakuto Karate (Combat Karate).



Okinawa Seishinryoku Kobudo dedicated to the promotion of traditional Ryukyu kobudo. On okinawa it has been said that the practice of karate without kobudo is like riding a bicycle with one wheel.



Seishinryoku Jutsu ( jujutsu) is a  system of self-defense based on techniques found in modern and historical japanese martial arts.The main influences come from  Yoshin ryu jujutsu, aiki jutsu,kyusho jutsu,tuite jutsu.

Seishinryoku ryu as a martial art  cultivates a tough body and an indomitable spirit through arduous training and at the same time contributes to building a character that loves peace and values civility. 

A uniform standard of training around the world is required of all participants within Seishinryoku Ryu, with particular emphasis on all Dan gradings, these are monitored and controlled by the Soke Spiros Nasiakos, ensuring a worldwide standard at Black Belt level.

Kokusai Seishinryoku Kyokai is an open and totally non-political organisation, dedicated to the advancement and development of this unique style, anybody requiring further information about Seishinryoku Ryu should contact honmbu.