Alow me to express my deepest and most sincere welcome to the  International Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate Do Kobudo Jutsu Association.


Our door is "open to everybody", so that anyone who wants to learn our style, can join our Seishinryoku Ryu family.


Allow me to also convey some thoughts about Seishinryoku Ryu. The Seishinryoku Ryu is a ''self defense art''. Our school relies on the Sogo Bujutsu philosophy to teach a complete program drawn from the various traditional martial arts.


While some teachers in some parts of the world teach "how to fight", the Seishinryoku Ryu we teach "how not to fight".


In case one is faced with an unavoidable fight others teach "how to win", the Seishinryoky Ryu  teach "how not to lose".


    sincerely yours

Nasiakos K. Spiridon